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Help if you’re new to insulin

Life with diabetes
Do I really have to watch what I eat?
Ever wonder if using insulin means you can eat how you please and let your medication “fix” it? That’s not how it works—you must still watch your diet. Remember, healthy eating is one of the key factors in controlling your blood sugar.
Living with diabetes
I’m starting insulin. Is it my fault?
It might not be your fault. While a lot about diabetes is unpredictable, you can count on it changing even if you're doing your best. Let TeamingUp for Diabetes break down 3 important steps of how your body responds to diabetes over time.

Help if you’re already on insulin

To check feet, try a hand mirror

To check feet,
try a hand mirror

Did you know that a diabetic ulcer is different from a cut? They often appear on your feet and can quickly turn serious. That’s why doctors suggest looking at your feet daily. Make it easy by placing a hand mirror on the ground, and give your feet a quick once-over.

My doctor wants to change my treatment. Why is that?

My doctor wants
to change my treatment.
Why is that?

It's not just you, it's also your diabetes. Even when you're taking diabetes medication and following your doctor's recommendation for healthy eating and exercise, your blood sugar may become harder to manage. Learn more about why your medication may need to change to keep up with your body.


Tools you can use

Blood Sugar Log

It is important to keep track of your blood sugar levels and your insulin dose by following the schedule worked out with your doctor. Use our Blood Sugar Log to help and share it with your doctor.


A1C and Daily Blood Sugar Calculator

Both your A1C and your blood sugar levels are important. A1C measures average blood sugar levels over the past 2-3 months. So it's a great way to track how your diabetes is being controlled over time. See how these two numbers are related.

To find your personal average blood sugar level:

  • Enter your most recent A1C test result below and click Submit
A1C: %
Your average blood sugar level:

This calculator is not a replacement for an A1C test in your doctor’s office, and the results should not be used to make therapy decisions.
Source: ADA - Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes

Support. Powered by TeamingUp

TeamingUp for Diabetes is all about giving you information so you can take on your diabetes in the smartest way possible. Think of it as your source for tips, facts, fresh ideas, and more.

3 ways to stay more active

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be a thing you only do in the gym. There are lots of ways to burn extra calories as you go about your day. Try some of these ideas:

1. Watch TV standing. Fold or iron clothes or dust and clean around the room while watching a favorite show.

2. Take Fido for a walk. He'll be so happy you won't even realize it's exercise.

3. Switch from playing indoor games with your kids or grandkids to playing outdoor games like tag or tossing a ball.

Are you sweet on agave nectar?

Agave may seem like a smart alternative to sugar and is available in most grocery stores. It has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 10–19, while white sugar’s GI is 65. But agave is high in calories. In fact, agave has more calories than sugar. So it’s still on the ADA’s list of foods to limit.

A pen in your carry-on? Carry on

Vacations can help you unwind. But worrying if you can bring an insulin pen in carry-on luggage isn’t fun. Don’t worry, the TSA allows you to bring them on board. Need answers to make air travel easier? Call TSA Cares at 855-787-2227.

Find out what you can do with the right team behind you at TeamingUp for Diabetes.

Start strong with your own Coach

Not only can you get tips from TeamingUp, but you may also qualify for your own Nurse Coach. It's support that can be helpful when you begin taking Toujeo. He or she can also give you fresh ideas like you find on here. They cover everything from grocery shopping suggestions to creating workout routines to how to inject insulin. Remember, if you have a Toujeo prescription you can get your own Nurse Coach.

The highs and lows of staying on top of your blood sugar

Even if you're careful about your diet, you exercise, and you take your medicines as directed by your doctor, there may be times when your blood sugar isn't on target. When this happens, it's called hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Talk with your doctor about recognizing the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar and high blood sugar and what to do if you experience it. Go to TeamingUp for Diabetes for more about this important issue.



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